Anime Videos

We support local Comic-Cons and events that showcase new artists, artwork, and talent from around the world. If you are looking forĀ  women’s Halloween ideas, then click the link and learn more. You can find green wigs, a purple suit with gloves, and white makeup with red lipstick that goes perfect for some creative jester costumes. Jessica Nigri is the perfect cosplay model and is popular among many people.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the videos we share. We want to hear your opinion! We specialize in anime, cartoons, and comics but would be happy to hear from our audience. Sexy models are welcome!

When it comes to video games, we also love to follow some of the best gamers in the world and watch them compete. It’s not easy to find some Japanese video games that we like to play, which is why we looked into whether or not Gamefly is worth it. Based on what most people say about the free 30 day trial, we decided to try our hands.

We of course rented Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham Origins. Both games were awesome and our favorite character is Harley Quinn. She would make a great costume idea this Halloween! In fact now that Suicide Squad has hit the theaters, we expect a lot of people to dress up in a Joker Costume or Harley Quinn costume which have been popular in the cosplay scene as well.