Danganronpa 3 Anime: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy PV: This is a trailer reaction to the newest Danganronpa 3 teaser for the two new Danganronpa that are airing for Summer anime 2016! I just can’t wait to watch them both but I might only react to on ef them since two would be too much for me, but ill see how it goes. The trailer had brilliant animation presenting the first Danganronpa and the game. The new ones showed us the characters that will be included and what they will be facing during the series. Look out for my reactions guys, its gonna be a blast ­čÖé

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  1. Good video I like please go my channel subscribe me want you can watch my
    new Video my friend nice to meet you xD //´╗┐

  2. it’s less of a trailer and more of a recap for people who haven’t played
    the games or watched the anime.. It would have been nice to see actual
    footage of the anime but this trailer was when they announced the second
    anime so as you can guess, fans were happy anyway. ^_^´╗┐