Kung-fu Jesus wanders around Arizona in the end of days, making sinner’s heads explode with his fists and making his shirt disintegrate.


  1. I’ve always meant to watch this but never actually done so. Same with Excel
    Saga and a lot of other older anime 😛

    I don’t think shoenen means aimed at 12 year olds, I thought it meant aimed
    at immature people who like explosions and tits? Japan is probably more
    honest about what 12 year olds want to see than us westerners who call that
    shit “mature” instead of rating it immature 😛
    He can catch arrows? Can he catch bullets too? Wouldn’t his fingers snap if
    he threw bullets at that force?
    *Destroys the teraforming machinary the pakis are using to turn england
    into the next arabian desert*
    Now I have to research whether nukes could make a nation into a desert, you
    piqued my curiosity. I kinda wish we’d drop some nukes so i could see a
    test of that hypothesis :I
    He may be able to crush diamonds, but can he crush carbon into diamonds?
    Then he could give the diamonds to the ladies to make them be his waifu!
    is this where tarantino got the 5 finger death punch for kill bill from?
    31:00 are they suggesting his corpse is going to fertilize the seed? Not
    sure if that’s how rice works
    I got the volvo reference at least, should’ve just called him a gimp
    (japanese kids shows have gimps too?)
    I kinda wanna see naruto now if it’s got grim dark just to see how they
    manage it :U
    my shoes got sprayed with liquid nitrogen today, feels like i fought sub
    zero :I
    I always thought America was a desert when i was a kid, does that make me
    Japanese :S