UPDATE: Due to a few copyright claims I had to remove the 2 clips of music videos from LOGIC.

One was “I am the Greatest” a short touch board mix with no human vocals and “Young Jesus”.

Here is the official link to the “Young Jesus” music video (which was cut around 32:26) that was uploaded to Vevo a day ago:

This was a Panel I only went to see because of the famous voice actor Steve Blum (Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Wolverine animated voice, and 100s more).

WARNING some NSFW Language is in some parts.

Sadly it was mainly about a hip hop artist called LOGIC who hired Blum to do a special space anime style intro video to his newest album coming out.

The video is live action and the main guy named Sir Robert Bryson Hall II aka LOGIC is a big nerd/geek, and Cowboy Bebop was one of his favorite shows growing up hence why he asked Blum to come do the video.

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  1. Thanks so much for uploading! Been looking for this everywhere. Just one
    thing though, Logic is the gentleman in the red jumpsuit. Logic isn’t a rap
    group, the other men there are apart of his team. Just thought I’d let you
    know :)

  2. I’ve been a fan of Steve and Logic for a about 4 years now, amazing to see
    they’ve worked together. Thank you so much for uploading man.

  3. I was going stir crazy listening to Fade Away (that flow is impeccable)
    then Steve Blum’s voice dropped and I just lost my shit….lost my shit.
    Cowboy Bebop my favourite anime of all time. Fuck the demographic I loved
    everything, every concept was intertwined for me because of my love of both
    Hip-Hop, Anime and Cinema (oh and art: I mean have you seen that goddamn
    cover?). Need a Vinyl release like now special-deluxe that shit.