My good mate MemoryNK and a few other linked me to a video where I find myself being talked trash by some random kid on youtube about us live reactors. From my view after watching is video, he has no knowledge about the anime industry and how it works at all! HE SAID THAT KISSANIME HAS LEGAL LICENSING TO THE ANIME ON THEIR SITE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! WTF is this guy doing or saying!?!?!? He talks about me sitting on my ass watching anime and collecting money from my fans which is so untrue, because the fact is that I try to build a fan base community to interact with people who have similar interests like me. IF YOU DISLIKE REACTIONS, DONT WATCH THEM! Leave us alone to do what we want and we will continue to do what we love the most. I lost brain cells of how retarded and un skilled this guy was during his video by saying fraud and fake stuff about reactors. He doesn’t know us reactors or you guys so don’t listen to any shit he says.

Watch At Your Own Risk:

Memory’s Response:

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Shows I’m Reacting To:
– Big Order
– Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)
– Kiznavier
– Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)
– Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta
– Re:Zero
– Sakamoto desu ga
– Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcists)


  1. he has a point at one thing, but the rest of it, yeah i don’t even have the
    right particle of my brain to agree to him because i only watch video on
    youtube, but let them be the judge

  2. He wouldn’t make such a video if you didn’t get many viewers. The more
    watch, the more weird people gather. Just ignore him. He might be happy to
    see this video because he get more people to watch his video.

    You said you have been making live reaction videos out of pure joy and
    love. Just don’t care what he says. There are haters in every kind of
    world. His accusations is too worthless to refute. He just wants to bring
    many to his channel.

  3. I watched the guy’s video and he pretty much made a big generalization of
    what Live Reactors are. Like reactors aren’t just people that stares at the
    fucking camera and do nothing. If they add something nice like a commentary
    or critiquing then its fine. But if anyone becomes the next Jinx that will
    be terrible tbh.

  4. Since You do Admit to the fact that you are hurting the industry, why
    aren’t you reacting to the anime episodes in a way that doesnt harm them?

    even if you care about quality, do what memory does, he shows the full
    episode in bottom corner through out a google drive.

    And yes, I actually looked into it, its not illegal.
    but when you post it on youtube it is.

    reason is: It’s like buying a book. Posting pictures of a book pages online
    is illegal.
    but giving it to someone else is not.

    same concept applied here.

  5. This is pretty off-topic, but will you please upload full-length episodes?
    It’s pretty hard to watch with you when you cut them and I have to pause
    and skip the video in my screen

    Don’t worry bruh, he’s exaggerating his words like killing kids, having
    cancer and stuff

  6. I don’t think it has any effect whatsoever. Japanese anime companies are
    targeting Japan not western countries. Crunchyroll, Funimation, aniplex,
    Sentai, etc definitely contribute and are a bonus to the creators but in
    the end we aren’t their target audiences especially for profit. I have a
    premium Crunchy and Funi account, enjoy collecting blurays I’m not saying
    there is no point in supporting the creators, but in the end without us the
    anime industry would continue in Japan. Besides I’m sure majority of people
    who watch reactions aren’t using reactors as a way to illegally watch these
    shows for the first time as they can easily use kissanime or any of the
    other free streaming sites

  7. Just keep doing what you do. Really enjoy watching your anime reactions. He
    generally sounds like a troll and arrogant, judgmental piece of shit who is
    probably looking for more views. That kissanime being legal part too lol.
    Jeez louise. They should be ashamed of themselves XD.

  8. I am personally not a fan of reactions (hence the reason you rarely see me
    comment) but you’re completely right. Any loss that you might cause the
    industry by people watching your videos instead of watching it legally
    would be made up for by how much money you spend on posters, and figures,
    and whatever else you do. Not to mention the advertisement you give these
    shows. If someone discovers a show from you, and buys it, or buys
    merchandise, than that’s a big boost to it.

  9. my brain cells have taken a vacation and i need someone to help me call
    them on the phone and say they need to come home to my brain…..
    Roronoasam’s video scared away my brain cells

  10. I’m Japanese.
    I’m very happy that you enjoy my country animation.
    Always I share impressions from your reactions.
    You’ll support you!
    Sorry my English is not so good…

  11. Unlike Japan and China,western countries don’t have a “danmaku video site“
    like ”niconico“ or ”bilibili“,so reaction is a good way to build the anime
    fan base,i think…

  12. yo Fattah yes man this is 100% real if you don’t like anim3recons content
    don’t fucking watch it, yes now g see you soon man

  13. My mans doesn’t even do one piece theories I lost brain cells listening to
    your fucking voice you legit suck you should fucking close your channel and
    go crawl in a hole and die you stupid bitch